31 December 1914

IFDecember 1914
Thursday 31
Fine day. At office.
Not much doing. Drank
the old year out & success
to the New in a couple of
nobblers of whiskey & water at
Chennells office, with V Darroch
& Saville Smith. Town very
quiet more so than I have
ever known it on a New Years

31 Dec total

30 December 1914


December 1914
Wednesday 30
Very warm. At office.
Attended correspondence &
did fair labour business.
Sent pars [particulars] of 320 acres at
Ngaturu to H Tunebridge of
Taueru. Kathleen Welch (my
niece) returned to duty as nurse
at Wgtn [Wellington] Hospital. Father Mark
O’Leary came up to dinner in
the evening. War news state
that Russians have raised the
siege of Cracow & retreated 50
miles but have captured 15000
Austro-German troops 200 officers
& a large number of cannon30 Dec TOTAL

29 December 1914


December 1914
Tuesday 29
Fine day. At office.
Town very quiet, a little
labour business doing.
Saw H Tunebridge & gave
him pars [particulars] of some properties
which he might inspect
with view to purchasing.
War news state that the
British rain on Cuxhaven,
the German port near the mouth
of the Elbe, was very exciting.
Seaplanes, Zeppelins, Aeroplanes,
Submarines, Destroyers & Cruisers
all taking part with the advantage
apparently on the side of the British.
Allies still making slow pro
gress at points & being held in check
by Germans at others.29 Dec TOTAL

28 December 1914


December 1914
Monday 28
Fair day. Dull with rain indic
ations. Down to office. Some labour
business doing. Town very quiet.
News from War state that
Allies are still gaining ground.
German Avaitor [aviator] flew over Dover
& was chased by British but got
away owing to foggy weather hiding
him from view. Russians defeat
Turks badly at Saiakamisch [Sarikamish]
and in the Van region.
The Australian & New Zealand troops
held a route march through Cairo
& were greatly [ovationed], the Command
er-in-Chief in Egypt Sir J Grenfell
Maxwell taking the Salute.
Copenhagen news estimates German
losses killed wounded Etc at 2,000,
000, & Austrian at 1,500-000, since
war began.28 Dec TOTAL

27 December 1914


December  1914
Sunday 27
Find day [fine day], though dull with rain
indication after dinner. Cut & point
ed Tomato stakes. After dinner I
pulled noxious weeds out of our hay
& let water from the race into the
paddock to assist growth.
Thinned out a bed of Lettuce.
Bertie drove with the children
& Mrs Jones to Matahiwi to see
Miss Freeman with whom they
had tea. Jack rode up on a
pony whilst Gretta, Isey Jones
& Charlie Jones cycled up.27 DecTOTAL

26 December 1914


December 1914
Saturday 26
Fine day.
Before breakfast I cut bread
& buttered same for sandwiches to
take to the Park where a team of
our Carlton cricketers met a team
comprising several Masterton Club
players & a number of Thursday
players. Bill Kembell captained
the latter & I the Carlton men.
Play started about 10.45 Kemball, who
won the toss sent his men in to bat &
they made 122. With ½ an hour to play
before lunch we went in & had 6 wkts [wickets]
down for about 27 runs. On resum
ing our boys made no stand & we were
all out for 37. Our opponents made
98 in 2nd innings & we put up 145,
my contribution being 27, leaving
Kemball a winner by 35 runs. Bertie
& the children drove down after dinner
[Entry continued at bottom of the page for Friday 25.]

Saturday 26th contd [continues]
taking provisions for afternoon tea.
Other players did the same & at 4 pm
we adjourned for ½ an hour, tea being
served under the trees. Bertie & the
2 boys went to the pictures in Town Hall
at night. Our neighbour Lee gave me a box
of Tomato plants which I put out by the
bridge.26 Dec TOTAL

25 December 1914


December 1914
Friday 25
At home all day. Had a very
quiet time. Heavy rain during
the early part of the morning.
Made a drain for the waste
water from the house to the creek.
Miss’ Freeman (2) & their brother
drove in from Matahiwi & had
tea with us.25 Dec TOTAL