30 November 1914

Nov 30November 1914
Monday 30
Windy weather. Rain in early
morning. At office. Very
little doing. Down to Kemble’s
at night & played Kemble
War news indicate that
Russians are driving the
Prussian Army before them inflict
ing severe losses. Russians also
defeat Turks who are fleeing in
disorder towards Erzeroqm.
Allied troops in Belgium hold
their positions against all Ger
man attacksNov 30

28 November 2014

Nov 28

November 1914
Saturday 28
Fine day. At office.
Busy with labour matters.
Played cricket in afternoon our
Carlton A team playing Masterton A.
We batted first & made 114 of which
H Miller & I scored 27 each. Master
ton made 80 of which W R Kemball scored
42. Our B team made 231 against
Masterton B. R Southgate making 129
not out.
War news state that Russians have
broken the enemy’s centre & may capture
the army cut off to the South. Allies
hold their positions against the Germans.
Indians showing great enthusiasm in
India & are enlisting in great numbers
for active service against Germany,
the heroic doings of their fellows in the
fighting line causing their warlike
nature to be up & doing also.Nov 28

27 November 1914

Nov 27

November 1914
Friday 27
Fair day. At office.
Busy with labour matters
generally. Down with Bertie
at night to Jone’s &
I played him chess, being beaten
in 2 games.
War news state that Russians
have gained a great victory over
the Austro-German forces
capturing 8000 prisoners.
German version states that the
Austro-German Army gained a great
victory over Russians capturing
40,000 prisoners & a great number
of guns. British Gunboat the Bul
wark whilst moored in Sheerness
harbour blew up owing to her magazine
exploding & only about a dozen out of
about 780 on board were saved. Vessel
was over 15,000 tons, sank in 3 minutes.Nov 27

26 November 1914

Nov 26

November 1914
Thursday 26
Dull day with rain indications.
Did some weed hoeing before
breakfast. At office all day.
Not much doing. At night I
thinned apples from one of our trees
which is over laden with fruit.
News from War state that Germany
making great preparations at
Brussells with boats, rafts Etc,
& powerful guns evidently intending
a big attempt against the Allies.
Russians still forcing the Austro-Ger
man forces to retire. Russians also
defeat the Turks in Northern Persia.
Loyal Indians advise that they can
get from India to assist British
troops, as many men as Russia is
putting into the field. British War
loan of £ 250,000,000 oversubscribed
£ 700,000,000 being tendered.Nov 26

25 November 1914

Nov 25

November 1914
Wednesday 25
Before breakfast I sawed off a
gum length & split it up for firewood.
At office. Very little doing. Went round
to drill hall to see the exhibits at
the Annual Rose & Sweet Pea show.
Entered 5 roses which were not placed.
Bertie with Bern & Eileen went
down at night whilst I stayed
home & read “The History of the War”
a London Times compilation issued
weekly & well illustrated. Bill came
down from Miki Miki & got our
400 gallon tank & took up to his
place. War news state that British
flag has been hoisted at Basrah at
the head of the Persian Gulf from
where the Turkish troops were driven,
the British inflicting heavy loss. Germans
estimate their loss at the battle of the Yser
in Belgium at 200,000.Nov 25

23 November 1914

Nov 23

November 1914
Fine day. At office.
Got some cabbage & 6 tomato
plants at night from W Denby at
the Lansdowne nursery. Put out the
Tomatoes in kerosene tins. Down to
YMCA room at night & played chess.
Finished the season with a sides match.
Jones & Moore picked sides, Moore
Thompson, Gibson & Gardner play
ing Jones, Hoffiens, Young & my
self. I played Gibson the game being
given a draw as we had not time to
finish. Jones & Moore the same.
Thompson beat Hoffiens & Young beat
Gardner. Had coffee & scones Etc at 6D
each. War news state that Turkey
has proclaimed a holy war. Germans
making terrific efforts to break through
the allies but are repulsed. De Wet
in S Africa being chased & hundreds of
rebels surrendering.Nov 23