30 September 1914

Sep 30


September 1914
Wednesday 30
Fine day. Did a
little garden work before break
fast. At office. Busy with
labour correspondence.
News from War state that the
battle of the Aisne still pro
gresses if anything favourably
for the Allies. Authorities at
Home estimate German losses
in France since the war start
ed is 400,000. Reported
capture of cruiser Emden (Ger
man) by British & Japanese
Cruisers. Russians still making
headway, the Austrians retreating
in disorder. Reported that
Turkey has closed the Dardan
ells to shipping.
Gretta out of bed, Dr Cowie
saying her trouble will only be
temporary & she has much improved
30 September 1914 TOTAL


29 September 1914

Sep 29


September 1914
Tuesday 29
No gardening before break
fast. Had to cut wood. Down to
office. Not much doing barring a
little labour business. Claude
Bertelsen called at night, hav
ing run up from Carterton to see us.
He has been appointed travelling engineer
for J B McEwen & Co of Auckland.
Fierce fighting at the battle of the Aisne
generally favourable to the Allies.
Germans & Austrians repulsed
by Russians at the river Memel
Russians isolate Przemysl a
strong fortress in Galicia. French
fleet bombarded Cattaro Austria’s
Fortified city on the Adriatic.
Boers in South Africa very eager
to fight the Germans in German
East & West Africa. Grenadier
guards capture 6 big guns after a
bayonet charge.29 September 1914 TOTAL

28 September 1914

Sep 28

September 1914
Monday 28
breakfast I did a little garden
work. Fine day but rather cold.
At office. Not much doing.
Attended correspondence.
At YMCA room at night &
played A Moore chess for the
Dagg shield & got beaten.
War news state that the
battle of the Aisne is still
vigorously being prosecuted
by both sides the Allies gain
ing ground generally & the Bel
gian troops repulsing the Ger
mans. Russian troops driving
the Austrians before them &
the Servian-Montenegro
Army occupy Sarajevo the
principal city in Bosnia.28 September 1914 TOTAL

27 September 1914

Sep 27

Sunday 27
Cold windy day. One cold shower
from S East. Planted some flax
along the creek on garden side & put
some soil to fill up the new space
made by taking out the hedge.


Saturday 26
apparently owing to the fear
of the German cruisers which
have been doing damage to shipping
in various parts of the Pacific &
elsewhere. Men are being taken off
the boats & are going into camp at
Trentham27 September 1914 TOTAL

26 September 1914

Sep 26


September 1914
Saturday 26
Cold wintry day. Rain in
morning. Cleared after noon but
blew cold from the hills. Sowed
a bed of carrots before breakfast.
At office. O Shute in re pur
chase of property in town & went
with me to see H Bannister ‘s & Wise’s
houses down South Road.
News from the front state that the
battle of the Aisne is still being fiercly [fiercely]
fought. Germans in great force are
bombarding the French fortress, Ver
dun, & it is reported the former had
lost 10,000 men, the Verdun guns
being well handled preventing the
Germans from getting heavier guns
into position. German Cruiser
Emden bombarded Madras doing
£20,000 worth of damage. New
Zealands Expeditionary force which
were about to sail has been delayed
(Entry for this day is continued on Sunday 27 page)26 September 1914 TOTAL

25 September 1914

Sep 25

September 1914
Friday 25
Uncle Henry Meager age 84 paid
us a visit, being up from Taita.
Heavy rain with fierce
wind from the hills. Down to office.
Not much doing. Bertie & Eileen went
to Miss R Olivers & Mr Hunts recital
in Town Hall at night. News from War
state that desperate fighting still tak
ing place the Germans making desper
ate resistance against the French &
British in the Aisne district.
The Allies are making head
way & gradually pushing the
enemy back out. Of the 3 cruisers
torpedoed by the German subma
rines about 1500 of the crews were
drowned. Only 48 out of 843
of the Aboukirs crew were saved.
Great rejoicing in Germany over
the event which they expect to
repeat when they meet the British
Navy.25 September 1914 TOTAL

24 September 1914

Sep 24


September 1914
Thursday 24
Fine morning. Light rain
in afternoon & evening. At office.
Not much doing.
News from War state that the
Germans were driven by bayonet
charges out of St Quentien [St Quentin] &
at Noyen heights they captured
9 guns. Russians & Servians
still making headway against
the Austrians, but German troops
now taking the offensive & keep
ing the Russians in check. Germans
destroying villages & massacring
a large proportion of the inhab
itants, men & women. Belgians
advancing against the Germans
who occupy Brussells, the Capital.24 September 1914 TOTAL