31 July 1914

Jul 31


July 1914
Friday 31
Fine day. Before break
fast I sprayed with Bor
deaux mixture a few apple
& gooseberry trees.
Down to office. Not much
doing. Received wire from
M Corrigan asking if Blundell
was going to accept his offer.
Wired reply Blundell away,
will wire later.
Went down with Bertie to go to
see the “Rosary” played at Town
Hall but not having booked seats
we found no sitting room so went
to Thompson-Payne picture
show which we enjoyed
fairly well.31 July 1914

30 July 1914

Jul 30


July 1914
Thursday 30
Rain during afternoon.
At office. Busy with pro
perty correspondence.
Wrote letter to Cousin
Alfred Welch of Dorchester
England & enclosed a postal
note for £2/-/- being donation
for him an addition to the
other money I sent home
for him on account of his
serious illness.30 July 1914

29 July 1914

Jul 29

July 1914
Wednesday 29
Fine day. Mr L Prior of Danne
virke rang me up re 545 acres & I
advised him to go to Ormondville & see
Agent Lehndorf, which he said he would
do by today’s mail train. Wired Lehn
dorf re same. Bill in from Miki
miki & advised me I could write
to Wellington Agents & give them
pars [particulars] of our own Taita  property for
sale, Mr F Wall called and
got pars of properties I have
for sale.
Down to Mr Jones’ at night
& played him chess but got
beaten each game of four29 July 1914

28 July 1914

Jul 28


July 1914
Tuesday 28
Down to office. Mr C
Beetham asked me to give
him name of owner of 1800 acres
I have for sale; L Johnston’s, Whata
-whata as he wished to get a report
re same. Wrote agent Bromwich
re the matter. Mr F Wall of Pahia
tua called to get information re
garding sheep farms & arranged
to call again in the morning.

News cabled out that war
had been declared between
Austria & Servia.28 July 1914

27 July 1914

Jul 27

July 1914
Monday 27
Fine day.
Down to office.
Sent copy of letter from
M J Corrigan to J L Blundell
in reference to the purchase
of the latter’s property.
Busy with correspondence
& office work generally.27 July 1914

25 July 1914

Jul 25

July 1914
Saturday 25
Rain. Cold day. S [South] East.
At office.
Went up to Pownall Str [Street] with
Rue & measured sections
which he had looked at
with a view to buying one.
Lunched at Kia Ora tea
rooms.25 July 1914