30 June 1914



June 1914
Tuesday 30
Fine day. Heavy frost.
At office. Not much doing.
Lumley in re going to
Te Awamutu to see pro
perty with me.June 30 TOTAL


29 June 1914


June 1914
Monday 29
Fine day. At office. Lumley
in re property.
Not much doing. Down to
YMCA room at night
& played J Dagg 2 games
of Chess, winning the first
& losing the second.
News cabled out that the
Arch Duke Prince Francis Ferdinand
of Austria & his wife were
assassinated in the street
when motoring, a youth named
Prinzip shooting them both
with a browning revolver when
at close range. The murderer,
Gavrillo Prinzip is a Serb & when
arrested stated he did the deed from
Nationalist motives

June 29 TOTAL

27 June 1914



June 1914
Saturday 27
Cold wintry day. At office.
Lunched in town.
Attended correspondence
principally in connection
with land matters.
Down to my nephew, Kemble
Welch at night & played
him 3 games of chess winning
one & losing 2.June 27 TOTAL

26 June 1914


June 1914
Friday 26
Rain. Cold S Easter.
Down to office. H
Lumley in re property
& got pars [particulars] of farms in
Auckland & Taranaki.
Down to Kemble’s at
night & played him a
game of chess in which I
got beatenJune 26 TOTAL

24 June 1914


June 1914
Wednesday 24
Rain. Very cold squally
day with rain from S East.
Heavy hailstorm.
At office. Not much doing.
Mr R Barrer in re purchasing
property at Kawhia. Mr Ronald
son of the Public Trust introduced
me to their representative, Mr Allen,
who has come to Masterton to
manage the Trust Business
& open an office for that pur
pose, taking the local manage
ment from W B Chennells
& Co [Company] who have had same for a
good number of years.June 24 TOTAL