31 May 1914

May 31


May 1914
Sunday 31
Fine day. At home. Made
up the flower bed in the front
of the house where I have taken
down the Laurel Hedge & pre
pared the ground for sweet
pea seeds.
Kemble & Ruby came up for the evening.
Roy Gardiner up for the evening.
May 31 TOTAL

30 May 1914

May 30

May 1914
Saturday 30
Showery day, with driving wind
from the Tararua hills.
Saw H Lumley re going down to see
Mr Buckeridge’s property one day
next week & arranged for an inspec
tion. Busy with labour matters
& general.May 30 TOTAL


29 May 1914

May 29



May 1914
Friday 29
Fine day. Down to office, then
caught (to) 9.46 train to Carterton
where I called on Tyler & got a
cheque for £50 as deposit on the
190 acre farm which he & Davies are
buying. Returned by the mail, arriving
in Masterton at 11.30. Bertie &
Eileen went to the Town Hall pic
tures at night taking Gretta
with them, whilst I went down
to Kemble’s & played him two
games of chess, getting beaten
both games.May 29  TOTAL


28 May 1914

May 28



May 1914
Thursday 28
Fine day. Went to Hamua with
P Davies & F Tyler to look at 190
acres. P Tulloch & Anderson of Pahiatua
met us at Hukanui Rly Stn [Railway Station] with a car &
showed us over property which my men were
very pleased with. Ran up to Pahiatua
where we had tea & buns at 2 pm, then
met at Tulloch’s office where I drew
up an agreement for sale & got
Anderson, C Tyler & Davies to sign
same. Tulloch then ran us out to the
Pahiatua station where we arrived just as
the train came in. Arrived in Masterton
about 6 oclock. Arranged with Davies
that I go to Carterton in the morning &
get a deposit of £50 from Tyler.
Went to Town Hall Picture show at night
with Bertie, the two children Bern &
Gretta. Claude down from Te Mara & went
with us.May 28 TOTAL


27 May 1914

May 27



May 1914
Wednesday 27
Fine day. Did some digging be
fore breakfast & planted out some
cabbages. At office. Mr A Adams of
Spring Creek rang up from Wellington re
Gammans Ltd milling business at Tau
ranga, for Brownlee & Co. Mr Kidd of
Gilchrist & Kidd Palmerston Nth [North]
called with J Kibblewhite who is after a
sheep farm. Placed before him Mr F
H Allen’s farms of 315 & 155 acres
at Kokotau. Wired Allen re price
& terms. Wrote Norris & Bell, Tauranga
re Gammans bush & mill for Brownlee.
Collision on Main Trunk Line be
tween Mercer & Whangamarino, a goods
train, stationery, being run into by the
Wgtn [Wellington] – Auckland express. Mr Arton [Orton] Stevens
of Lower Hutt & Mr Peterson
were killed & a number of others were serious
ly injured & taken to hospital.May 27 TOTAL


26 May 1914

May 26

Tuesday 26
Fine day. At office.
Busy with correspondence
& general office work.
Bertie & children drove
down to Mr Jenkins in South
Road & spent the afternoon

Monday 25th
Bernie went up to
Te Mara to put in the week
with Claude & do a bit of shoot
Third reading of the Irish
Home Rule Bill carried in House
of CommonsMay 26  TOTAL

25 May 1914

May 25



May 1914
Monday 25


Fine day. At office.
General Ian Hamilton who is
out from England to inspect the
troops Etc arrived in Masterton to
review the Cadets who mustered on
the old Show grounds, Dixon Str [Street],
to the number of between 4 & 500
General Godley the New Z [New Zealand] Command
-ant with staff also in attendance;
also all local officers. A large crowd
gathered at the grounds. Each troop
was presented with a Godley cup
which has to be competed for by the
various sections. After the review the
General was taken out to Brancepath
by Mr Beetham whose guest he will be
for the night. G Sykes in & paid me
£ 140 Commission on sale of his property.
Mr Kempton of Morisons bush in & got pars [particulars] of
F Galyer’s 121 acres. Constable Baker of Featherston
in re business hotel Etc. Chess at night.

May 25 TOTAL