30 April 1914


Thursday 30
Fine day. At office.
Mr W Shute in re proper
ty & arranged to go up to
Hamua on Monday & look
over Leonis’ 403 acre farm.
Leo came up from College
for his term holidays.
Mr Jones came up to our
place & played me 2 games
of chess winning both

30 Apr TOTAL


29 April 1914


April 1914
Wednesday 29
Showery weather.
Up early. Breakfast at 7 & at
7.30 the car with Tulloch & a
driver came along & we set off to look
at Leonis’ 403 acres at Hamua &
190 acres on another road. After a
hurried look over the latter we went
to Leonis’ which Lumley was rather
impressed with, so far as the land was
concerned, but the house was not over
inviting. Went over to Konini to see
100 acres of Huntleys which we were
not impressed with. Returned to
Phaiatua. Dinner at Trocadero then met
Tulloch & Leoni & got information re
the farm & stock. Lumley to consult
his wife re the property & return, if she
agreed to go up, & have another look.
Caught the 3.30 train for Masterton
& arrived at 6 pm.

29 Apr TOTAL


28 April 1914



April 1914
Tuesday 28
Showery weather. At office.
Mr Lumley in re property &
I rang up Tulloch of Pahiatua
who arranged for us to go up &
see 403 acres at Hamua; so we
decided to go up by the 5.15 pm train.
Went home & got handbag with a
few things & returned to office.
Sent to Mr J Spencer, Wellington,
pars [particulars] of Gamman’s mill & bush
at Tauranga at £ 100,000
(acres 17500). Left for Pahia
tua with Lumley & on arrival
we met P Tulloch & arranged
to leave at 7.30 in the morning
& inspect property at
Hamua. Put up at the Tro
cadero Temperance hotel

28 Apr TOTAL

27 April 1914


April 1914
Monday 27
At office. Not much
Down to YMCA room at
night & took part in Chess Club
teams match. Mr Connell up from
Carterton with Mr Moore. Jones &
Connell selected teams, 5 on each
side a draw being the result
2 ½ games each. I won my
game against Gibson

27 Apr TOTAL

24 April 1914


April 1914
Friday 24
Messrs G R Sykes & D
Smith at office in connection
with the former selling his pro
perty to the latter. Went with
them to Seaton & Sladden, survey
ors, & got details of area, after
which we went to Gawith & Logan
& had an agreement drawn up, &
signed & £ 50 deposit paid.
Arranged with Mr Sykes for a
commission of 1 ½ % on the sale.
£ 9245 @ 1 1/2 .

24 Apr TOTAL