31 March 1914

Mar 31

March 1914
Tuesday 31
Fine day. Put in about ¾
of an hour gum wood cutting
before breakfast. Down to
office. Not much doing.
Lunched with Eileen at
WFCA tea room.

31 Mar TOTAL

30 March 1914

Mar 30



March 1914
Monday 30
Fine day. Put in an hour
gum wood chopping before
breakfast. Down to office.
Not much doing

30 Mar TOTAL

29 March 1914

Mar 29



March 1914
Sunday 29
Dull morning. Cut gum wood
till dinner time. After
dinner Jack & I caught the ponies
& Bertie with Eileen drove to
the hospital & took down a
bundle of periodicals for the
patients to read. Bernie
taking it into his head to go in
for Gymnastic practices, we
set to & fixed up
parallel bars in the hay

29 Mar TOTAL


28 March 1914

Mar 28



March 1914
Saturday 28
Showery weather. Warm.
Down to office. Mr Sneddon
in & read pars [particulars] of 430 acre
farm which Milburn & Co sent
from Auckland. He decided to
go through in about a week’s
time & inspect the pro

28 Mar Total


26 March 1914

Mar 26



March 1914
Thursday 26
Dull day but warm. Cut
gum wood for nearly an
hour before breakfast. Down
to office. Not much doing.
Lunched with Eileen at Kia
Ora tea rooms. Up to meet
the 3.30 down train by
which Bertie & the 3 children
returned home from their
holiday. All looked extreme
ly well & were pleased to
be home again, we all
no less pleased to see
them return after two
months absence

26 Mar TOTAL


25 March 1914

Mar 25



March 1914
Wednesday 25
Dull day. Put in some
time before breakfast cut
ing gum wood. Down to office.
Not very much doing.
Went to the Town Hall at
night & heard the Hon T
W Fishers address the
electors on matters political.
The Town Hall was crowded
to its utmost & a large
number had to stand on the
stage. A section of the audience
tried to create a disturbance
but their efforts were not
crowned with very much
success. Mr J M Coradine
occupied the chair & kept the
noisy element in check.

25 Mar TOTAL