28 February 1914

Feb 28

February 1914
Saturday 28
Fine day. At office till 1pm.
After dinner I played in
cricket match Carlton B v [versus]
Masterton A & we got a drub
ing by about 80runs. This
turned the tables on our team
as we beat Mastn [Masterton] A & B in the
1st round & they have both
beaten us in the 2nd. I put
up 13 out of a total of 79 of
which 10 or more were extras.
Our A team beat Mastn [Masterton] B by
about 300 runs. W Hoar
making 103, Southgate 98
Kemble about 40 & Styles

Feb 28 TOTAL


27 February 1914

Feb 27

February 1914
Friday 27
Fine day. Foot very
bad & not able to do much.
Had to bathe it for about ½
an hour. Down to office.
Busy with correspondence

Feb 27 TOTAL

26 February 1914

Feb 26

February 1914
Thursday 26
Rain. Cold S Easter during
early morning but cleared
for fairly fine day about 9.30
am. Rang up & got Pinkeys
car to run up & take Eileen &
myself down to town. Had
lunch at Kia Ora tea rooms.
Went to Carterton as Umpire
for the Hockey B  cricket
team who had to play the
Oddfellow’s team for Thurs
day Championship. Carterton
scored 80 of which Smart
made 41 & the Hockey
team made 18. 1st  4 wkts [wickets]
fell for no runs & the 5th
when 1 run was up.
Posted letter to Bertie.

Feb 26 TOTAL

23 February 1914

Feb 23

February 1914
Monday 23
Fine day. At office. Leg fairly
weak owing to blow received
by cricket ball from R Hickson
on Saturday. Not much doing
at office. Picked the last of
our plums at evening & Kemble
& I put up 5 bottles for winter
Posted letters to Bertie
also to Leo.

Feb 23 TOTAL

22 February 1914

Feb 22


February 1914
Sunday 22
At home all day with Bern
& Jack. Eileen went with a
party from Masterton to the
mountains taking passage in Fly
& Youngs motor lorry as far as
it would take them.
Leg pretty bad & had to keep
it rubbed with liniment.

Feb 22 TOTAL