31 January 1914

Jan 31


January 1914
Saturday 31
Rain. Cold wet weather
from S East which put
snow on the Tararua
ranges. At office. Mr A E
Morgan of Ihuaraua called
re purchasing property for
his son & I gave him a letter
of introduction to Mr F Galyer
of Tawaha whose place he
enquired about.

Received wire from Bertie
saying they had arrived at
Roto-O-Rangi safely.Jan 31 Total

30 January 1914

Jan 30



January 1914
Friday 30
Fine day. Up early, 5
AM & got breakfast
ready for Bertie & the chil
dren who had to get the
6.20 train for Palmerston
en route to Cambridge to spend
a holiday with her sister Mrs
J Bertelsen. Pinheys cab called
& I went to the station to see
them off. Back & with Bernie
& Kembles aid we put
down a large gum tree, I sawing
& the others using the mall [maul] & wedges
to force it over the lean being the
wrong way. Put it down nicely in
good position. At office. Picked
about 40 lbs [pounds] of plums & bottled
most of them at night. Eileen
went to the pictures with Bernie
& Jack

Jan 30 Total


29 January 1914

Jan 29

January 1914
Thursday 29
Fine day. At office.
Busy with correspondence
& sending out labour
Bertie busy packing up
ready for her trip to Cam
bridge with the two girls
Gretta & Marjorie, in the

Jan 29 Total

28 January 1914

Jan 28


January 1914
Wednesday 28
Fine day. Before break
fast I started to saw
down a large gum tree about
3 feet through at the butt.
Down to office. Mr A Weston
in & discussed business
matters with me. Had afternoon
tea with him. Made plum
sauce at night & put
down 2 seven lb [pound] jars of
apples for winter use.

Leo went back to College
after his term holidays &
Jack came back from
Wills at Te Mara.
Bernie had an operation
performed on him by Dr Courie
at Kemble’s Surgery, for adenoids

Jan 28 total

27 January 1914

Jan 27

January 1914
Tuesday 27
Fine day. Sprayed the
Tomato plants with
Sulphotide. Down to
office. Busy with labour
matters & correspondence
generally. Cousin Lucy
McLachlan & daughter
Ruby called & stayed to tea.
Roy Gardner also up &
after tea I played him
2 games of chess winning
& losing one.

Jan 26 Total


26 January 1914

Jan 26

January 1914
Monday 26
Fine day. At office.
Mr F Hood called for
information & plan of
Horoeka estate in the
Waikato district, a young
friend of his named Cail
wishing to invest in a
block of about 1000 acres.
Played Kemble two games
of chess at night, winning
one & losing one.

Jan 26 Total

25 January 1914

Jan 25

January 1914
Sunday 25
Fine day. Put in a couple
of strong Gum posts on the
roadside opposite the sheds
so that I could make a bar
way to the shed paddock.
Cut young gum trees & made
bars, after which I cycled
out to the Te Ore Ore bridge
where the family & Eileen had
gone picnicking. Had our
tea out there & arrived
home about 7.30.

Jan 25 Total