31 December 1913



Dec 31 1913


December 1913
Wednesday 31
Up early & with Kemble walked through
the ChCh [Christchurch] gardens before break
fast. They are very pretty & well worth
a visit. Kemble took 2 or 3 snapshots
of same. After breakfast we went through
the Christchurch Cathedral, a very beauty
ful building. Got the Cycle car from
Sucklings & had to pay 3 o/- for about
1 o/- worth of work. Left ChCh [Christchurch] at 10.4
for Timaru & had a fair run down pass
ing through Ashburton, Geraldine,
Temuka & several small townships
along the road a distance of 117 miles.
Arrived in Timaru at 6.30 & foundshake downs at Werry’s private hotel.
Tea, bed & breakfast 5/-, pd [paid] in advance.
Had tea, then we walked round the town
for about an hour & were very pleased
with the place, which is prettily situated
on low hills running down to the beach.
Played Kemble 2 games of chess, lost both.
Wrote letter to Bertie & wrote up dairy [diary].
Saw the New Year in & heard the band
play it in.

31 Dec 1913 TOTAL


30 December 1913

Dec 30 1913


December 1913
Tuesday 30
Fine day. Took the car to Sucklings
Garage to get repaired & then found
they were very busy so Kemble pulled it
to pieces to assist the repairer, whilst
I went to look for lodgings. Met Tal Green
a one time Masterton man & he took us
to the City Hotel where we put up at 6/-
per day against 8/- at the Federal.
After dinner we went to the Museum
where we spent over 2 hours then went
for a ride to Woolston, taking Electric
tram about 3 miles. Back for tea
at 5.50 after which we went to the
YMCA rooms & had a couple of games
of pool, then went for a walk. Kemble
shouted pictures for me at the “Grand”.
Christchurch is an exceedingly fine
city & splendidly laid out & there being
fine open spaces nicely laid off about
the centre of the city. The river Avon
gives it a charm & the beautiful
English Cathedral centrally situated
& standing by itself in a fine position,
sets off the city. Most of the large
buildings are erected in stone & are
very substantial, especially the University

30 Dec 1913 TOTAL

27 December 1913

Dec 27 1913

December 1913
Saturday 27
Dull morning. Windy. NW.
After breakfast & good-bye, Kemble
& I motored to the city & booked our pass
ages by the Arahura to Picton which
left Wgtn [Wellington] at 12.45. Had a good
trip across, though it was windy.
Steamed into Picton in a little
over 4 hours. A very pretty little
spot the township nestling snugg
ly in a pretty little bay. There
being nothing much to see we decid
ed to make along to Blenheim. [We]
filled up with Benzine & got
away at 5.30. Road being in fair
order we did the distance about
18 miles in about 50 minutes &
put up at the Club Hotel where
we had dinner & booked beds.
Met J T Mowatt (agent) at night
& he took us to the Club.
Blenheim is a very nice clean town
& much larger than we expected

27 Dec 1913  TOTAL

26 December 1913

Dec 26 1913



December 1913
Friday 26
Fine day. Kemble & I made prepar
ations for a start for Wgtn [Wellington] en route
for South Isle for a tour. Left
home about 9 oclock, the other
members of the family with Miss M
Hickson & Miss Jones having made
arrangements to drive to Opaki
for a picnic. We arrived at Laurel
Hall, Taita, my birthplace, at 12.30
& Mot’s Hskpr [housekeeper] Mrs Ronning prepared
dinner for us, after which we went &
saw Mot at the clay pigeon shoot
ing match. Arrived at Seatoun, Wgtn
at 3.30 & found house locked up
so we went round the beach & found
my sister Ada & family, with G Lauch
lan & his wife & Miss Edgar picnicking.
Had tea with them, then to Ada’s where
we stayed the night & played 500.
G Lauchlan had to leave for Plm North [Palmerston North]
by train 9.15 pm

26 Dec 1913  TOTAL


25 December 1913

Dec 25 1913


December 1913
Thursday 25
Up about 7.30 & after
breakfast I put in an hour
or more sawing up gum tree.
Xmas dinner at 1.30 and
after same I put in a
couple of hours hoeing weeds
in the garden. Mr & Mrs
Jones came up with their
children & had tea with us.
Picked about 20 lbs of goose
berries for them. After tea
I played Mr Jones a game
of chess & got badly
beaten. Down to Ted Welch
& took recipe for making
Gooseberry wine.

25 Dec 1913  TOTAL

24 December 1913

Dec 24 1913



December 1913
Wednesday 24
Fine day. Put in about
½ an hour at sawing up
gum tree, for fire wood, be
fore breakfast. Down to
office. Busy with labour
matters & general office
work. Bertie and children
with Miss May Hickson down
town & we had tea at
Wenvoe tea rooms. Busy
ferretting out Xmas presents
for the youngsters. Home
about 11.15 & then went
down to Catholic Church to hear
Bertie sing during the midnight
mass. Home about 1.45 am.\

24 Dec 1913 TOTAL