29 December 1913

Dec 29 1913


December 1913
Monday 29
Fine day. Up early & left Kaikoura at
6.30 for Christchurch a distance of 130
miles. Encountered numerous streams &
rivers along the road & Kemble had a [hard]
time keeping the machine going. Had break
fast at the half way house at 9.30
& then kept hearing that the Conway river
was too high to cross we got Monk a
contractor to send a cart down about 2
miles to put the machine over at a
cost of 15 /-. Found we could have pushed
it over easily enough & decided to push
over the remaining Conway streams ex
tending over a distance of about 6 miles. Had
a rough run over the beach, the worst being
pushing over the Conway 4 times which
was hard work. Had numerous small streams
to cross but arrived at Parnassus about
10 to 5. This is the train terminus from Ch [Christchurch]
to Picton. Next reached Cheviot but
before doing so we had a steep piece of
newly metalled road to go over, & had to
push the cycle all the way up a heavy
piece of work with one of the side bars
cracked we were expecting to come to grief
but the road now being better we made
[last] 86 miles in about 4 ½ hours. ChCh [Christchurch]
about 6.40 & put up at the Federal Private
Hotel for the night.

29 Dec 1913  TOTAL