1 November 1913

Nov 1 1913

November 1913
Saturday 1
At office. Fine day
until about 3 pm
when rain set in.
Busy with labour matters.
Great excitement in
town owing to the big strike
of watersiders. Hundreds
of special police, mounted
arrived in Wellington
for the purpose of keeping
order.November 01

2 November 1913

Nov 2 1913

November 1913
Sunday 2
Went up to Te Mara
with Kemble in his side
car. Had dinner at
brother Bills then went
for a walk round the
property. Light showers
fell during the afternoon.
Very cold & West wind
whilst returning home
to Lansdowne.November 02

3 November 1913

Nov 3 1913

November 1913
Monday 3
Fair day, though cloudy.
At office. Town very
quiet. Busy with office
work generally. Lunched
in town. Big labour
riot in Wellington, a
large crowd of strikers & other
pelted the police& special
mounted constables with stones,
bricks, iron etc & some of them
fired upon the police & shot,
though not dangerously two
citizens one a lad walking
home & the other a man in the
Crown. Sergeant Major
Thompson was struck in the head
with a stone & knocked senseless
receiving slight concussion. Geo [George] Dun
can aged 10 shot in foot & Arthur Dockery
aged 18 shot in shoulder.November 03

4 November 1913

Nov 4 1913

November 1913
Tuesday 4
Fine day. At office.
Busy with labour matters,
engaging shearers etc.
Down to park oval at
night & had a little
cricket practice.
Played Kemble a game of
chess at night & got
beaten.November 04

5 November 1913

Nov 5 1913

November 1913
Wednesday 5
Fine day. At office.
Busy with labour matters.
Engaged a number of men
foe various work.
Big meeting of farmers held
in Masterton in connection
with the handling of produce
in Wellington owing to the
strike. Employers agreed to
again start business with their
shipping provided the Unions
would register under the Ar
bitration & Conciliation Act

but the leaders & Committee of
the Federation of Labour would
not hear of it & refused to go to
work, so employers have decided
to work with free labour

November 05

6 November 1913

Nov 6 1913



November 1913
Thursday 6
Fine day at Masterton, but
rained very heavily at Carter
ton & lower down the valley.
At office. Lunched in town.
Busy with accounts etc.
Strikers in Wellington very
quiet. The police & specials,
both horse & foot, to the
number of about 1000 were
astir early & concentrated
their forces at the wharf
& along the streets leading to same
& as soon as all points of vantage
were under under guard, the work
of shipping racehorses for the meet
ing at Christchurch was begun &
23 were placed on board after which
several trucks of cheese were load
ed on to the Athenic.November 06


7 November 1913

Nov 7 1913

November 1913
Friday 7
Fine day. At office.
Busy with labour matters.
Korua Hiui & his cousin
Ngawhero called in to see
me about Boyd’s property
at Lansdowne& said they
would give £450 for it so
I arranged to go up to Matahiwi
& see Boyd about it.
Down to park oval at night
& helped to roll match
wicket for our championship
cricket match tomorrow
against Masterton. Only Mas
terton & Carlton are competing
this season both clubs putting
in 2 teams A & B equally
divided in strengthNovember 07