September 1, 1913

Sep 1 1913

September 1913
Monday 1
Rain. Showery.
At office.  Having arranged to go
to the West Coast etc with G. Salter
to inspect property I took the 11.50
train Northward and met him at Eketa
huna.  Arrived in Palmerston about
3 o’clock and called on Melsop,
Eliot and Co agents who arrang
ed to get Mr Fraser at Komako
and go with us by Motor Car to
see Fraser’s 1262 acre property
which he has for sale.  Arranged
to meet at 10 tomorrow morning
at Agents office.  Went to see the
Pictures display at night.
Put up at the Café de Paris
Sep 1



September 2, 1913

Sep 2 1913



September 1913
Tuesday 2
Cold windy day. After break
fast we called at Melsop –
Eliot & Co’s office from where
I rang up Mrs Coe of Koputaroa
who stated that they would sell their
555 ac [acre] place at £6-7-6 pr ac [per acre] if £500 cash
was paid down. Wired L Dampney of
Whetukura to come down & fix up for it.
Fraser, Eliot (driver) Salter & I went to
Fraser’s, 28 miles, & Fraser senr [senior],  Salter
& I after dinner, rode over the proper
ty which is a very good one. Return
ed to house about 4.50. Had cup
of tea & biscuit, then set off on our re
turn, Fraser & his mother in their car
& we 3 in Eliot’s. Had two punctures,
one going & one returning. After supper
Mr Fraser took us in his car to his house
where we went into matters & got
figures re stock etc. Wrote letter
to Bertie. Dumpney came through
& put up at the Café de Paris.

Sep 2


September 3, 1913

Sep 3 1913



September 1913
Wednesday 3
Cold morning. Up early & got the
7 train, with Dampney, for Koputaroa
where we met Mrs Coe & we went into
matters re selling. Next saw Heap who
signed an option for Dampney to buy
within 7 days at £6-7-6. Caught the 10.30
train which we caught for Wanganui
arriving there at 3 pm. Had afternoon
tea at Dustins then called at Fairburn
& Silk’s and arranged with the former to
meet their land man Izett at McCarthy
hotel during the evening. Met him at
8.15 & discussed properties & arrang
ed to have a day with him on Friday
looking around. Arranged to go up the
Wanganui river with Salter tomorrow
& see Smyth’s 1257 acres.

Sep 3


September 4, 1913

Sep 4 1913



September 1913
Thursday 4
Up early & got horse & gig at Hodders
stables & arrived at Makirikiri at 8 oclock &
put up for breakfast. Took hacks from there
to ride to Smyth’s about 11 or 12 miles, most of it
being by 6 ft track, which was in good order,
much to our surprise as we were advised
it was in a bad state. Arrived at
Smyth’s at 11.45 & had early lunch
then rode up the track round part
of the boundary. Let our horses loose
then walked over a good part of the
ppty [property], returning to the homestead
about 3.30. Had afternoon
tea & at 4.30 we started on our
homeward journey & kept our horse
moving to get to the main road before dark.
Arrived at Makirikiri about 7 &
put up for tea & gave horse a feed.
Drove into town by 8.45 & rang up
Izett & met him at his office & arrang
ed to inspect a 442 ac [acre] farm with him
tomorrow at Okoia

Sep 4


September 5, 1913

Sep 5 1913



September 1913
Friday 5
After breakfast we went down
to Izetts (Fairburn & Silto’s, agents)
& he got a car & chaffeur [chauffeur]  & drove
us to see Mr Solers 442 ac [acre] farm
11 miles out. Freehold at £13-15-0
pr ac [per acre]. Looked round farm & weather
turning wet we set off for town.
Got stuck on the unmetalled up grade
& Izett, Salter & I , had to put our
strength to it to keep up 3 or 4
chains, the road being slippery &
wheel not gripping. Arrived in town
at 12 & had lunch at Dustin’s
then arranged to take train north
to inspect a ppty [property] of 891 acres at
Ohura, owned by Humphries –
Davies. Arrived at Taumaranui
& put up at The Grand at 11.45

Sep 5


September 7, 1913

Sep 6 1913



September 1913
Saturday 6
Caught the 10 past 8 train
for Okaukura [Okahukura] & arrived
there about 8.30 & took coach on
rather 4 hrs [hours] drag in to Matiere a
distance of 12 miles. Okahukura is
just now getting busy owing to the Govt [government]
having started the railway works from
there to connect with the Taranaki end.
A tunnel close by has also been blt [built] for
£97000, about 1 mile long. Leaving the
station we had about 7 miles of good
road, passing through some fine bush
country, then came to the bog & the
mire through which the horses had
to plough for about 5 miles, some
places being over the horse’s knees.
Arrived at Matiu about 12 ock [oclock]
& had dinner at Ryan’s. Got two
hacks & set off for Humphries-Davies
12 miles, at Awarata, where we arrived
[about] 5 with H-Davies whom we picked
up on the road.

Sep 7


September 7, 1913

Sep 7 1913

September 1913
Sunday 7
Fair morning, but light rain set in
about 10o’clock. After breakfast
H-Davies, Salter & I set off to look
round the property. We were very
well impressed with the property
especially the front portion which
is an exceptionally good piece of
land being easy, rolling, & a lot fit
to plough. Returned to house about
12 oclock & after dinner we discuss
ed price etc & H-Davies agreed to take
£7-15-pr ac [per acre] for the 852 acres as a
going concern including about 900
sheep, 20 cattle & all dead stock.
Did not agree to buy but left the
matter over till future date. Set off back
through muddy road (6 miles being bad) &
arrived at the township at about 5.30.
Put up at Ryan’s, saw T J Brennam, agent
re properties for sale.

Sep 7