August 1 1913

Aug 1 1913

August 1913
Friday 1
Dull day. Did some
spraying before breakfast.
At office. Busy with
correspondence. Lunched
in town. Mr Mattheson in
re purchasing section & after
an interview with Mr A J Percy
Mattheson & I went out to
Te Ore Ore & looked at a
blk [block] of about 10 acres at £50
per acre plus com [commission] to be paid
by buyer. Met at office on our
return & arranged a sale, the
agreement to be fixed up
tomorrow at my office.
Kemble decided to buy O
Bunny’s house & 1 acre land
at Lansdowne.

August 1

August 2 1913

Aug 2 1913



August 1913
Saturday 2
Dull day. Rain in evening
& during the night. At office.
Mr O Bunny in re selling his
house at Lansdowne & arrang
ed to see me in the morning
re same. Offered him £800
for it on behalf of Kemble.
Mr A J Percy met D Mattheson
at my office at 3 pm & I
fixed up a sale of 10 acres of the
formers Te Ore Ore estate to
Mattheson at £50 per ac plus
commission, to be paid by the
latter. Drew up an agreement
& had same signed & got £70
deposit & also a cheque for
£15 as part commission.
Played Kemble a game of chess
at night & got beaten.

August 2

August 3 1913

Aug 3 1913

August 1913
Sunday 3
Fine day. Mr O Bunny
came up & arranged to see
me in the morning re sell
ing his property to Kemble.
Did a little garden
work transplanted some
gooseberry & currant

August 3

August 4 1913

Aug 4 1913

August 1913
Monday 4
Fair day. Rain in evening.
At office. Oscar away,
being in bed through vaccina
tion owing to the Small Pox
scare. Busy with correspond
dence and labour matters
best part of day.
Down to YMCA rooms
at night & played D
Guild 2 games of chess
in which I got the worst.

August 4

August 5 1913

Aug 5 1913


August 1913
Tuesday 5
Dull day though weath
er making for fine. At
office. Oscar away. Busy all
day. Mr O A Bunny in & arrang
ed a sale to Kemble, the latter
buying the former’s property at
Lansdowne for £800. I paid
a deposit of £50 to O A Bunny
on behalf of Kemble, the pur
chase to be completed by the
30th of March 1914.

August 5


August 6 1913

Aug 6 1913


August 1913
Wednesday 6
Rain. Showery. Up early as
Bertie & baby were going to Wgtn
by the 7.30 train. Went to station
with them & saw them off. Met
A C Stewart of Dannevirke who
who gave me pars [particulars] of his 100 acre
property for sale. Gave pars [particulars] of
same to brother Will & to Mr
A H Dalton of Ashburton who
had come up with a view to
purchasing a farm. Busy with
correspondence etc Oscar
being away laid up through vaccin
ation. Down to YMCA
room at night & got beaten
at chess by C Hoffiens
in Table Tournament.

August 6

August 7 1913

Aug 7 1913



August 1913
Thursday 7
Showery. Cold S E wind.
At office. Busy with corres
pondence. Oscar still away,
being laid up. Lunched in
town with Eileen.
Small Pox becoming very
prevalent up in the
Auckland district espec
ially amongst the Maoris
of whom a great many have
contracted the disease
and a number have died

August 7